babay family
The babay family is a couple with 4 children, which immigrated from Iran
three years ago. The mother: "We escaped Iran because we feared the Muslems,
not knowing that the problems would haunt us even here".

Eliyahyu family
The Eliyahyu family has 4 children, ranging from 1 to 11 years of age. The
two younger children (ages 1 and 3) suffer from serious illnesses, and are
undergoing serious medical procedures

Naaman family
The Naaman family consists of two parents and six kids, ages of 4 through
12. The father has 97% medical disability and the family lives off his
social security income

Amzaleg Family
The Amzaleg Family moved to Jerusalem after leaving the Shomron region due
to the serious security situation in this area. The father remained in the
Shomron because he does not want to abandon their home there and continues
in his work and study in a ‘Kollel’ there

Levi family
The Levi family has 10 children. The father is in his mid fifties. The
mother passed away several months ago following a serious illness, after a
great amount of pain and suffering for her and her family, which did not
leave her bedside until death took her away from them

Avraham family
The Avraham family - a couple with 12 children, ages of 1 through 15. The
eldest child was hurt in the suicide bombing in the Jerusalem boardwalk and
ever since his parents left their jobs in order to be with him through the
difficult medical procedures and operations that he must undergo