The babay family is a couple with 4 children
The babay family is a couple with 4 children, which immigrated from Iran three years ago. The mother: "We escaped Iran because we feared the Muslems, not knowing that the problems would haunt us even here". We will quote frm an article in "Maariv" (a Daily Newspaper) on May 8th 2000: "A young Arab thug entered the Twito House in ‘Armon Ha-Naziv’ neighborhood in Jerusalem, took out a knife and stabbed the two brothers, Yakov and Yitzchak, ages 7 and 17, in the stomach. They two children were admitted to the hospital at a seveare state. Their parents, having found them lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the apartment, are suffering from fears axieties distress, and are afraid to leave their house ever since. The father has lost his job, and there is no money to purchase and fulfill even the most basic necessities - food, clothing or shoes. Please open your hearts and make a contribution. Even the smallest sum can make a difference for this family.

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